Monday, December 3, 2007


The whole of my Friday night was spent attempting Maki's route. And I got finally got the Maki Ending! Rest of the weekend I got hooked on this old game called Capitalism 2, which was going for $9.90 at the most Popular local bookstore. Superb game.

Anyway, I'm a bit too distracted by Cap2 to write a proper post today, so i'll just go with a Lame Joke of the Day.

This story happened for real over the weekend, btw.

Yesterday, I wandered into the kitchen where the mother was doing some food related thing.

"Uguu!", I said, for no particular reason.

"Where?", said the mother.


"Oh ya, that's right. There's stir fried beef for lunch."

Kagami break while you digest that.

Uguu means "Got Cow" in Hokkien.

I was so ecstatic at the discovery that I spent the next 5 minutes screaming "Gao" and "Puhi Puhi".