Saturday, January 24, 2009

Truly Asia Here I Come!!

Back to Truly Asia again for the Lunar New Year. Will be lazing around for 3 days and doing some DVD/game shopping. Maybe i'll even update the Winter 09 study guide cos there's really nothing to do where i'm going!

Well, of course that is provided i get through tonight unscathed....



The first phase of Ops SA is now over. After 3 weeks of cloak and daggers intrigue, Miyukichi's identity has been exposed. Never underestimate the capability of conscript int guys; they simply have too much time on their hands. No matter, for Phase One has achieved it's purpose - to cause a buzz and open some eyes to the wonderful world of seiyuu fandom.

Alright, the time for subtle covert ops is over. Ops SA has now moved into its second phase - indiscriminate carpet bombing. Who gives a damn about DIME and white phosphorous when you've got these fellas for ammo?


Rations are important too.

11 pairs of pantsu. One for each day of field camp.

Little Nonya?

Objective: to spread the joy of seiyuu fandom, and maybe overload the office server.
Operation Deadline: Gotou Saori's 23rd Birthday.