Friday, February 29, 2008

Tanaka Rie's Sweaty Day

This is what Tanaka had for lunch yesterday with the Kimikiss cast. She was talking about some春菜 (spring veggie) and it took me a few seconds to realise she was referring to Ikezawa Haruna (池澤春菜)and not some poor hotpot ingredient. Apparently Ikezawa was the one who recommended this restaurent. It's suppose to be some 美肌鍋 - hotpot that's good for your complexion. If you ask me, anything that let's you accumulate subcutaneous fat is definitely good for your complexion as it stretches out your skin and prevents wrinkles. i can't imagine a chubby Rie though...

This thingy is a gift from Hirohashi Ryou. The English term for this gadget escapes me at the moment but basically it's the gadget with which you pluck out unsightly body hair. See, it says "Bikini" at the bottom. Well, i'm just amazed she's comfortable sharing this little tidbit with her sweaty otaku fans. I mean Goto Yuko evaded the issue with a 禁則事項です. Either Rie's a real tomboy who doesn't sweat the small stuff (which is kind of cute) or... never mind.

Lucky little gadget.

She received an early White Day present from Nogawa Sakura too. Nogawa drove her home afterwards and she commented that Nogawa's a wonderful driver.

Just something i noticed: Ikezawa is a -san to Rie, but Hirohashi Ryou and Nogawa are -chans.

This was her dinner, bought at a covenient store. No, she does not subsist on video games. This is a packet of instant yaki udon. She dumped the whole packet of condiments in without reading the instructions which said "Adjust to taste". Fucking spicy, she said (expletives mine). Sweated a lot. What a sweaty day she's had, hotpot in the day and spicy udon for dinner. Oh ya, she advises everyone to read the instructions properlyね☆

Btw, if you haven't noticed, all these pictures were stolen from her blog. Duh, right? Just thought i should acknowledge her copyright and stuff. I'm still waiting for her Cease & Desist email though.

Friday, February 15, 2008

100 Questions With Goto Yuko

From her home page

Guess I'll pick a few of the more interesting ones.

Q5: What are your strong and weak points?
A: Strong point: Can hold my alcohol well. Weak point: No sense of urgency.

Q8: What kind of animal are you like?
A: I'm often called monkey faced. Is it bcos of my ears!?

Q39: A nice guy who is super poor and a jerk who is super rich. Who would you date?
A: Rich guy.

Q47: How much time do you spend bathing? Which part do you start washing?
A: Around one hour. Hair.

Q55: Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
A: Impossible.

Q58: What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
A: Peep.

Q63: When was the last time you cried? The reason for your tears?
A: Yesterday. I shed manly tears while reading manga.

Q75: How do you deal with "excess" hair?
A: It's a secret.

Q79: What colour underwear do you have mostly?
A: Various.

Q83: Do you believe God exists?
A: I'm a free thinker, but i think it'll be a good thing if God exists.

Q84: If god would grant you a wish what would you wish for?
A: Please give me an OILFIELD.

She sounds like a money-loving manly alcoholic. Kawaii!!!

The Legend of Zunderella - Part Two


"Bye~ Zunderella~!”

Squealed Lala yet again. If you haven't figured it out by now, Lala is a squealer.

"I want every inch of this house scrubbed clean by the time we get back, you hear me?” scowled Tes.

"Oh ya, you can play with your toothbrush while we go get our USB plugged with the prince's peripherals if you know what i mean! Hahahahaha..."

That last one was either Lili or Lulu. At this point in time those two don't really have any distinguishing traits for this narrator to tell them apart.


The door slammed shut as Zunderella squat there with her toothbrush.

She was all alone.

She started playing with her toothbrush.




"Oi. Wake up."


"Wake the fuck up lah, bitch."

Zunderella opened her eyes with a start. She had fallen asleep after playing with her toothbrush. Quickly, she searched the room for the voice's owner. Her eyes soon fell upon a .


"Aiyo! What the toot is that?", the strange girl hissed, obviously running out of patience.

"Are you my Fairy Godmother?"

Don't ask me how Zunderella arrived at this conclusion. Anyway -


Zunderella remembered her real name.

"How in the world you mistake a chio bu for that auntie?!! Call me that again and I’ll wallop you."

"But... uh... Miss, uh..."

"Call me Fairy Pretty Jie Jie. And stop squatting there. Go get changed."

"But my clothes are all too Ah Lian for the ball..."

"How you know I’m here to help you go to the ball? Ah, never mind, since you know the story so well, i don't have to explain the whole midnight thing, right?"

"You mean the everything will change back at 12 o'clock thing?"

"No, i mean the after 12 o'clock must pay midnight charge thing."


"So come back early. Ok, i change you already ah, ready - Change!"


"Wha!! So nice!! Eh... but where's the glass slippers?"

"There are silicon pads in your push-up bra. It's the silicon that matters; glass has lots of impurities that screw up the magic."

"But i must leave the slipper behind so the prince can find me later..."

"Oh, trust me, he would prefer you leave your bra behind so much more. Now get going. Shoo."

"Well... If you say so... Bye then... And thanks!"

"Oh ya, you getting there yourself ah. Not allowed to give you a carriage cos those 3 Blind Mice that drove the pumpkin knocked down some stupid uncle."


We're now at the ball.

Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty is playing in the background. The choice of music is of no significance at all, actually. (The real reason is that this narrator enjoyed the TV show Kanon and is a supporter of Mai.)

Our Zunderella was, no surprise, squatting in one corner of the palace ballroom, munching on cute octopus-shaped cocktail sausages. (Want to know how to make them octopus-shaped? Think of the osmosis experiments you did with veggie stems for Bio Practical.)

She looked like was getting bored actually. So far no one has tried to pick her up or anything. She was probably wondering whether she will die a virgin when she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder.

"Hey, wanna dance?"

It was a guy.

Knowing the author's inclination towards skimping on the actual plot while wasting words on useless trivia, it's quite safe to assume that any male character introduced at this point has got to be the Prince.


And they danced.

(Please go to for a live telecast of the dance.)


This chapter is about Zunderella fighting off shape shifting monsters with her toothbrush and saving the prince. Obviously she does this while squatting. The actual writing has been outsourced, so this is just a placeholder until the manuscript gets back from India.

To be continued...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yay I'm Back!


*sweeps the cobwebs*

As you can see i'm now into Tanaka Rie watching. Or reading. Whatever.

I don't think it's good ettiquete to like post someone else's blog entry even if it's been (mis)translated.

But i'm doing it anyway.

It's kind of like fansubbing.

Anyway, i'm hoping she'd drop me a cease and desist email or something so i can wish her happy b'day next year.


Somebody Else's Blog Entry Reproduced Without Permission

This is the notebook I bought.

Still dunno how to use it yet~;

How convenient that I can bring it around~♪

Maybe I can update my blog more frequently…



Today’s a rest day that I’ve not had in a long time~
Actually, my parents came over from Hokkaido~♪

Very very happy desu.

Daddy is going back today but Mommy will be here for the time being~.

They came without telling me and suddenly it’s like“we’re now in Tokyo”.

I’m surprised ^^;

There’s work again tomorrow

So I think I’ll rest a bit today.