Friday, November 18, 2011

Kalafina was in Sunny Island South of Truly Asia

And i still refuse to do work.

Ok, so the cartoon convention came and went. Didn't turn up, despite the fucking awesome band Kalafina making an appearance. Yay. Perhaps it's something to do with having to pay ten times of what i paid to watch may'n and aniki just 3 years back. Yes, i'm a cheapskate.

I realise at this point that i need another word for 'awesome'.

Never mind.

A trio of cute chicks who can sing is fecking awesome, no? Actually, pieces written by Kajiura tend to sound the same after a while, but THREE CUTE CHICKS AWESOMES!!

(Neglecting the literary aspects of my education in my earlier years was probably a bad idea. Kind of regret not having acquired the breadth of vocabulary necessary to describe how awesome a band is without resorting to the word 'awesome', which i actually picked up relatively recently. I probably said 'nice' or something back then. Funny how we assimilate speech patterns from people around us.)

Let's talk abt the band. Pic up there on the right shows the whole gang, from left, Hikaru, Keiko and Wakana. Some nuggets of trivia off the top of my head abt each of them:

1) Wakana likes sharks! She can go on and on abt them, apparently regardless of whether the audience is actually listening. Not very good at reading moods, according to Kajiura haha. In a cute way of course. She sings the high bits (vocab, vocab...lalala).

2) Keiko is damn hot! Ok doesn't really count but that was seriously the first thing i tot of. just google 'keiko kubota', man. Er, keiko plays tennis. She sings the low bits. And though she looks like she's got legs that go on forever, she's only 1.55m tall! tiny!

3) If Hikaru could do magic, she'd want a spell that could freeze time, i.e. the Level 9 arcane spell Timestop in D&D. So what would she do while everyone else was frozen? Catch up on sleep. She sings the high bits too.

One thing i noticed is that when japanese artistes visit sunny island they typically blog about the food and clean, green streets. Itou Shizuka mentioned Tiger Beer, but that's just her being her drunkard self. Probably the safest and most politically correct topics to talk about i guess. Anyway, keiko blogged about chicken rice. This was her discription of the dish:

"Chicken on rice cooked with chicken stock served with 3 sauces. Chilli, ginger, soy sauce. Yum yum." Reminds me of this food writer who wrote that " 'chicken rice' is not a dish; it's a list of ingredients". =p

Speaking of clean, green streets, i found, while jogging in the park last week, what looked like a giant porn mag centrefold depicting a blond fondling her intimate bits downstairs. She was clean shaven, so i guess that still counts as a clean street? It made me freeze mid-stride and do a really obvious backtake, so this had better not be some Candid Camera prank.

Oh well.

Back to work, work.

Oh before i forget, Carnival Phantasm is really awesome. I spent the whole of mon watching and re-watching the eps instead of doing any real work. It's this spoof OVA with crossovers from Fate Stay Night and Tsukihime. Hilarious. See ep4 i think to see a really cute Tohsaka figuring out how to use a blu-ray recorder! haha. And did i mention that it's distratcting me from work?