Monday, August 22, 2011

Me Fail

Recently, there's been some hooha over some fella's military service record on the net. Nothing more to add, besides nikuman having served in the same post as the fella in question. Congrats to you, nikuman, you are offically recognised as an exceptional individual, all according to proper guidelines, of course hahahaha.

Okie, i'm much poorer now compared to when i last blogged, and maybe about 10kgs heavier. Leaving the army probably had much to do with both; soft tissue damage from a football match way back in Jan is another convenient excuse for the latter change. Note to self: do not attempt to stop big towering strikers built like battering rams.

Thanks to the supposedly inflamed tendon i ended up with, i have the delightful opportunity to get an MRI scan next month. In the words of this very amused student of mine, i'm going to get microwaved. i think they actually use frequencies nearer the radio end, but i'd have to agree that it was a pretty amusing notion.

Less amusing is the bill i'll be receiving. MRIs are not cheap, this one will set me back by almost half a grand. I have a feeling the scan results will not change the diagnosis or management one bit, but when the expert tells me to spend the money, i go along, just in case. Makes one wonder how humans got by until the MRI machine came along though. Maybe the ancients just amputed their feet at the ankles after colliding with big towering strikers built like battering rams.

Oh well. At least the guy who saw me was pleasant and nice. In the examination room next door, there was this young girl, probably an MO, brusquely asking every single one of her patients "what's your name?" in the most irritatingly nasal tone i have ever heard. Oh come on, she wants them to report their ranks and ID numbers too? She had their files right in front of her, I'm sure there are more polite ways to confirm the patient's identity. And she should introduce herself first, for goodness sake!! I don't expect kowtowing and a 21-gun salute, but a "hello" is the bare minimum level of courtesy we should extend to a fellow person, no?

Imagine waiting 90minutes past the appointed time (we'll save this one for another time), and the first thing you hear when it's your turn is someone rudely asking for your name while talking through their nose. Not very pleasant. (Actually i've been told my voice sounds pretty nasal too. Maybe nasal voices grate on my nerves cos i subconsciously fear that they'll muscle in on my ecological niche haha. But let's not confuse the issue.)

Finally... YAY!! i've forgotten how much fun it is to rage and rant online!!

Shizukagozen fondles Rierie. Double YAY!!