Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The 1000th Summer (Cue 鳥の詩)

Summer's here (i think). The only seasons relevant to me are the NE and SW monsoons so i'm not entirely sure. Anyway, many of my favourites from Spring 2008 have ended or are ending, which means more reinforcements are on the way!

Strike Witches
i like mecha and i like cute girls. i think that's enough reason for me to want to watch this show. Rierie and miyukichi having supporting roles is just icing on the cake. I have no idea what the plot is about, but if it turns out to be pseudo slice-of-life like Skygirls i'll be happy enough. Both shows have the same character designer, which is a plus for me. Isn't it delightful, the way those girls zip around at mach 2 without even a layer of plastic wrap between their smooth loli skin and the atmosphere? Imagining them slamming into pigeons at 600 m/s is entertainment in itself.

Zero no Tsukaima 3
Siesta single-handedly, or rather double-boob-edly, tipped the balance in favour of this show. NotoMami's boob fairy joining the cast is a good thing (i hope). And of course i'm dying to find out what happens to the Reiji Maigo. Oops, wrong Hino Rie show. The plot so far has been rather blah, so zero expectations there.

Hidamari Sketch x 365
Loved the first season, so this is a no brainer. It's SHAFT, so i'll be be prepared for, uh, random stuff. Actually, i enjoyed SHAFT's recent offerings - Hidamari, ef, SZS - though i suspect the source material were strong enough to succeed regardless.

Slayers Revolution
This is for old time's sake, me having watched the first season on TV almost 10 years ago. The middle two seasons never made it to local TV, so i guess i'll go read some plot summaries. But i'm wary though: the other sequel that i watched out of nostalgia, YUA Full Throttle, showed that reviving an ancient franchise isn't a good idea all the time.

Nogozaka Haruka no Himitsu
Mamimami as an otaku girl. Sounds fun.

Telepathy Girl Ran
Just watched the first episode and my mind is blank.

These are the few that have caught my attention so far, though i know as usual i'll end up following at least thrice that number of shows 2 weeks from now. Not to forget the Lucky Star and School Rumble OVAs, and the finale to Mnemosyne.
Lastly, re-live the memories of that summer:

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kagamisumi said...

Haha, sadly Reiko is not in TTGL. :(

I've yet to really look through all the next season's stuff yet. This season was quite a ride watching so many, but then I'm running out of space again.

Though I'll probably watch ZnT3 just for KRie. Haven't heard her voice for quite a while (since Shana?)

And of course Lucky Star and SR OVAs are basically a definite.