Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mutilasi Rambutan

The Fall 08 study guide has been reviewed and reissued, with changes to the following items.

Tytania – Good to know. Dune-ish Space Opera. There was some attempt at showing large-scale battle tactics but I can’t guarantee that degeneration into mobile suit/knightmare frame duels wouldn’t happen. At least there aren’t any mobile suits yet.

Ga-Rei Zero – Upgraded to Must Know. The action is well choreographed and smoothly animated, plus the WTF factor has got me totally hooked. I have no idea where they’re going with the *spoiler* high body count of characters *spoiler end* and I can’t wait to find out.

Skip Beat – Upgraded to Must Know. The protagonist is a spunky mad girl who is mad. Think of her as a powered-up version of Kasahara from Toshokan sensou with a much less innocent, and crazier, motivation.

Kurozuka – Level of advice remains unchanged. I see a naked woman in ep2.

And the following additions.

Tentai Senshi Sunred – Might need to know. A spoof of the tokusatsu, i.e. “power ranger” genre. The hero Sunred lives off his girlfriend. The evil monsters have part-time jobs at the supermarket because scheming to take over the world doesn't pay very well. Short episodes good for a laugh when you have 15 minutes to spare.

Stitch – Mana ada subs?

Meanwhile, at the Tokyo Game Show…

…Rierie Vs Amisuke Part 2. Can you feel the animosity radiating from Rierie’s cleavage? Let’s just hope Asumi managed to escape the collateral damage.

Refer below for a brief history of the Rie-Ami Feud (?)

The fact that both were looking in opposite directions during the Kimikiss interview has been cited as evidence of less-than-pleasant feelings between them. What a shining example of investigative journalism. Rierie does look bloody fierce in the video though (it’s somewhere on youtube or nico).

My hypothesis is that Rie looks pissed bcos she sprained her neck, which also explains her inability to turn around and face Ami. And no, Kagamisumi, I dun think she’s pissed at Ami for stealing her loot on Monster Hunter because that is just so juvenile. You make her seem as if she’s some 29 year-old gaming otaku who wastes her life away in some MMO-



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