Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring 2008 Best Slice-of-Life (i didn't draw the 3koma)

Kurenai 6 was so ridiculous it's awesome. Totally caught me off guard. I don't think i've seen an anime musical since, urm... Excel Saga? Even the sudden drop in animation quality during the musical montage that made the characters look like paper cut-outs added to the absurdity and awesomeness. Plus, the off-key singing was just great. Without a doubt, Kurenai is the premier slice-of-life comedy this season.

On a side note, i seem to have developed some form of repetitive stress injury in my left thumb after the Persona 3 marathon yesterday. Had to ice it while grinding for exp this morning.


kagamisumi said...

OH MAN C.C. 3koma is SO CUTE.

Sadly, I haven't got around to seeing kurenai yet. And it's slice-of-life comedy some more!

On a side note, I've partially resolved my space issues. Should be able to tahan till around... middle of this season? Haha...

issa-sa said...

Hmm, the last time I remember a musical episode in anime is Red Garden (the lousiest aspect of the show), which was, surprise, brought to us by the same ppl bringing us Kure-nai.
Am absolutely curious now about this episode *goes to watch raw*